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No Snow on the Broken Bridge , Yang Fudong Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition Parasol Unit, London, U.K.
Date: 04.07, 2006 - 06.09, 2006

Artists: YANG Fudong 杨福东

Every film and video by Yang Fudong is about human being. In them he mostly depicts his own generation. Being in their late 20's and early 30's, these young people seem confused and appear to be hovering between the past and the present. Indeed, Yang Fudong's work epotimises how the recent and rapid modernisation of China has overthrown its traditional values and culture. What is remarkable though, is how skilfully Yang Fudong balances this dichotomy to create works that are endowed with classical beauty and timelessness. This comes through in his choice of scenes and close-ups, in the characters he selects, in the angles he films from, in the relationship between foreground and background and finally in the reconciliation of colours.
Each of Yang Fudong's works is a dramatic existential experience and a challenge to take on. His work is open-ended and inconclusive, therefore open to individual interpretation.
Yang Fudong was born in 1971 in Beijing. He trained as a painter in China Academy of Fine Arts in HangZhou. Starting in the late 1990's Yang Fudong embarked in a career in the medium of film and video.
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