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The Gentle Slope
Solo Exhibition AM Art Space, Shanghai
Date: 04.04, 2015 - 05.10, 2015

Artists: LIU Yue 刘月

Perception is the approval of the past. For example: we know that the sun is extremely far away from the earth; therefore the sun we see at this moment existed actually in the past. However, you who stand in certain distance from me constantly see the moment of mutual perception as ‘now’. This is quite intriguing, because in fact, only when we truly touch and blend into each other can we call this moment ‘now’. What we “encounter" (he /she /it) is actually the past of this moment for us.Other than ourselves in the world, what we feel while standing parallel with others is the unreal past, and what we own can only make us even more lonely and untrue… Thus, perception is merely the approval of that sectioned moment; perception is the preface to a written history and some inscriptive annotations of the future.
However, that does not suggest a logical necessity to relate our perception to actual space. At this moment, space only functions as a visible carrier of the instants, but that does not mean true self and equality, which are similarly floating and self-consuming in the Cosmo, will reveal themselves.
Thus, Liu Yue made an assumption: if, within this finite dimension and space, she pushes the relation of objects to the limit and eliminates time differences between objects through the most direct way of contact, could it be possible for these objects and space, as well as the 'now' that is parallel to itself, to really co-exist? Of course, this would not make us see the 'now' whose temporospatiality is pulled towards us. But it is because these contacts and connections relate the momentary self and the momentary space in a truer sense that the room becomes a definite space without perceptual time differences.

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