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Things From the Gallery Warehouse 6
2014-03-27 15:31


Artists: SHI Qing, XIANG Liqing, XU Zhen, ZHANG Qing
Duration: 17 January to 17 February 2014, Daily 10AM - 6PM (Closed on 31 January and 1 to 3 February 2014)
Location: ShanghART H-Space, Bldg 18, No. 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai
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At the beginning of the new year, ShanghART is glad to present the Things From the Gallery Warehouse 6, which focuses on videos and installations by artists SHI Qing, XIANG Liqing, XU Zhen, and ZHANG Qing. The exhibition will open on Jan 17th, 2014 in ShanghART H-Space and last until Feb 17th.

This time, apart from selecting and displaying some large-scale works stored in the gallery warehouse without high exposure, we also explore a series of motifs which seem to be inconspicuous but in fact related closely with each other. From a slice of Shanghai Electricity Mall by SHI Qing, to XIANG Liqing’s countdown timer, and XU Zhen’s coin that never falls down, all of them are examining, expanding, and playing with a string of words including accident, coincidence, chance, superposition and indeterminacy, in a season of silence and everlasting celebration and review. Moreover, standing closely to the center of the show, ZHANG Qing brings 3 sets of works created between 2007 and 2009. "Nothing Is Impossible" consists of 8 automobile hoods shaped by unusual impact with dot patterns printed on the surface; the possibilities latent in a single fleeting moment are the hardest to predict. The core of "It’s too Late" includes 6 videos with the same length of 3 seconds 14 milliseconds, which talk about some unfinished matters; the audience can capture the plot by a remote control. "New Focus Method" records some mobile captions in public space, but only a part of the whole view, hence a special method of reading which makes it unusually rapid and experience tiring.

Since its debut in 2009, Things From the Gallery Warehouse is held in every winter, and has re-contextualized and re-interpreted a number of artists’ works. When the rich fruits accumulated in the past years are uncovered and poured out, the period of six years perhaps becomes a middle point, or even better the foretaste of a new start of another much anticipated voyage.


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Things From the Gallery Warehouse 6 01.17, 2014


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