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Cache: from B to Z
2020-04-11 19:46


ShanghART Shanghai is honored to present the 2020 spring special exhibition "Cache: from B to Z" from April 12 to June 12. This exhibition brings together works from 38 artists under the theme of "cache", discussing what strategies and mindset that people could take to deal with the state of exception in life. The participating artists include BIRDHEAD, CHEN Wei, CHEN Xiaoyun, DING Yi, The Grand Voyage - GUO Xi & ZHANG Jianling, HAN Feng, HE Wei, Lynn HERSHMAN, HU Jieming, HU Liu, JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing, JIANG Pengyi, LI Shan, LIANG Shaoji, LIANG Yue, LIN Aojie, LIU Weijian, LIU Yi, LIU Yue, LU Lei, Nabuqi, OUYANG Chun, SHAO Yi, SHEN Fan, SHI Qing, SHI Yong, SUN Xun, Melati SURYODARMO, TANG Maohong, XU ZHEN®, YAN Bing, YANG Fudong, YANG Zhenzhong, YU Youhan, ZHANG Ding, ZHANG Enli, Robert ZHAO Renhui, ZHAO Yang.

The word "Cache" originated from French and originally meant "hidden place, shelter". It was later used in the field of computer engineering and became a computer technology concept, which refers to temporarily storing a part of data on designated hardware or software components so that future requests for that data can be served faster. "Cache" is not only a technology, but also a strategy commonly used by humans in the face of multiple needs, and it represents the wisdom and effort of people to find the best solution in complex situations.

This exhibition is also an exploration of the "best solution" by ShanghART Gallery under the current circumstance. The exhibition carefully stores the 60 selected works of 38 artists in the "cache" of gallery space, and transforms the exhibition hall into a temporary art “database”. The works are sorted according to the initials of the artists' names and displayed in a direct and clear way to the audience. The exhibition is open to the audience in the form of reservations, and the audience can easily and freely “retrieve” the works and “request” for inspiration.

The exhibition tries to propose such a question to the audience and the artists: In order to be able to "respond" as soon as spring comes, what is the most important thing you want to store in your "cache "?


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Cache: From B to Z 04.12, 2020


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