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Zhu Jia: Recent Paintings
2020-09-05 11:17


ShanghART Gallery is pleased to present Zhu Jia's solo exhibition "Recent Paintings" on 5 September, 2020. The recent paintings are documents of daily life. They depict social situations—picnics, parties, dinners—in which friends, acquaintances and strangers gather. The scenes take place in familiar settings such as the Barbican Estates in London; or in personal, domestic ones like the garden of a friend’s home. The figures are often part of the artist’s own social circle and what is depicted are collaged from real life.

In each of the paintings, the artist is pictured slightly outside of the main action or frame. While the paintings have the grandeur of history paintings, they present everyday activities of leisure and play, from the celebratory to the mundane.

Made during a time when the artist was living abroad, these paintings come out of the practicalities and necessities of working in a solitary manner, being dependent only on oneself. They also come out of the desire to acknowledge one’s place in the world, despite how transitory or fleeting. The works aim to make concrete a precarious space of being both inside and outside; familiar and foreign; of being part of something, but not quite belonging.


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Zhu Jia: Recent Paintings 09.05, 2020


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