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Under the Sign of Saturn
2020-10-24 15:17


ShanghART M50 is honored to present video installations by three female artists from Guangzhou, Qin Jin, Chen Dandizi, and Lin Yuqi in the first exhibition "Under the Sign of Saturn" in 2020. Chen Dandizi and Lin Yuqi studied under Qin Jin and developed their own unique style and content. This exhibition borrows its title from contemporary American writer Susan Sontag's work "Under the Sign of Saturn". Sontag uses the phrase "saturnine temperament" to depict the spiritual portrait of intellectuals such as Benjamin. Saturn is "the planet of detours and delays". It carries the characteristics of patients with depression and autism, indulged in the vortex of loneliness in the universe, drifting alone, fantasizing, and relying on dreams... The exhibition aims to discuss how the artist's extremely gloomy and saturnine characteristics have a decisive influence on his work. This “Saturnine” keenness is infiltrated in the creations of the three artists. The melancholic person will become the biggest addict, because the truly addictive experience is always a lonely experience. They project such desire into the zeal of "Turning Back to Self-reading", "Capturing the Senses of Nature" and "Chasing the Truth of Self".

In Qin Jin's narrative, memory, as a reappearance of the past, turns the ordinary moments in every scene of the journey into pictures. Time has become a constraint and deficiency in memories, compressing the memories of the self into space and a precursory structure, creating a pure scene of failure. Chen Dandizi still brings the alienation of the self into the work, Incarnating as a lonely person or a bird in the city, and discusses each other's desires and deficiencies in the tight state between the urban and nature. She gradually generated a lot of emotions from the fickle, keen, and delicate relationships between cities, and got lost in it. Lin Yuqi has been unable to imagine the faces of the people in her films because it is also impossible for her to depict the appearance of "myself". These faces are eaten by life, filled with loneliness, altered by others at will, and repaired with time. After all, loneliness is the only protagonist, and time is the only photographer. Time will eventually frame a person's face and make it a legacy of time.


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