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Liu Yue:Origin
2022-03-24 17:26


The project purpose: Freeze the flow of time

The Project Processes:
1) Weaving the rope into a net: during the weaving process, constantly increasing the lengths between the knots to enlarge meshes form a two-dimensional giant net spread out from top to bottom of the wall;
2) Randomly roll the spheres of various sizes along with the highest point of the rope net. Different mesh traps will catch these objects according to their different sizes and masses;
3) Mixed fluids (cement, gypsum, flour) with strong solidification force are dumped from the highest point. They flow downward along the track of the rope grid and are blocked by the spheres occluded by the rope grid to change the flow track;
4) The marks of fluid droplets on the ground form a spectacle that records the movement of the whole time.

The Final Presentation:
1) The mesh bearing the sphere -- the space-time shaped condenses an integral time imprint;
2) Collapsed wall -- a "moment" when two-dimensional space meets three-dimensional space.

Two-dimensional form of the project:
1) Photography 1 - Spiraling wire - Three-dimensional trajectories simulating four-dimensional space-time form solidify in the image and presents in two-dimensional history;
2) Photography 2 - Three-dimensional objects with chaotic logical relations under a Two-dimensional plane freeze-frame.


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