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Birdhead: The End of Mainland
Chinese & English
310 Publishing House
The Third publication of Birdhead is "The End of Mainland", which covered with Monkey King at front, features their attention to daily life. What has been shot is the routines, their friends (most of them are artists, designers and producers of different fields) and the scenes that they were on the way to see their friends. It might involve something serious as well, like the teachers’ apartment on Jiaozhou Road that was on fire, and the summer typhoon in 2009. However in their photographs, all these déjà vu with certain tiny differences appear to be out of expectation. Driven by internal sensations and subjective emotions, the work speaks its own voice without any deliberate aesthetics. Once it is achieved, time would be disordered and space and incidents would be re-arranged. Presented in front of audience, all the photographs are activated. The frozen moments, belonging to the artists, the groups shot in the photographs and audience, work as press buttons of memories. In 2009, SONG went to Dali, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna alone. It is the journey that has sharpened his senses of tea leaves. He then started to pay much attention to history, poetry, iambic verse, calligraphy and tea pots. In The End of Mainland, they seemed to discovery and to expand their own boundary. In order not to stimulate or bring any effects on the creation, they devoted much more catching the spontaneous moments, which contributes to more imagination space for audience. SONG wrote in calligraphy at The End of Mainland, ‘How can we clap our hands when we only have one hand left? But we may hug each other; we may make eye contact with each other; we may call each other; we may smile at each other.’ And his friends were aware that he was going through a bad patch during that time.

from Camille SANKUAN "The World of Birdhead Belongs to the World"


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