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Dreamed Breeze-3
Photo | B&W chromogenic print photo and silk mounted on aluminum, iron frame with black varnish and LED strip light inside / Pin wheel installation: silk print on transparent sheet, ink drawing and calligraphy on wooden box, intake fan inside, LED lamp, tripod
展示尺寸可变 Variable dimension for display 70(H)*118.5cm (in 3 pieces) | framed photo  68.5*52.5*4.8cm | pin wheel installation  70*33*33cm (x 2 pieces)

Dreamed-Breeze is a series of installations composed of  pinwheels and still-life photographs. Spinning in the wind and warm light, images on the transparent blades and the pinwheels themselves constantly cast shadows on the wall like a slideshow, which get blurred in high winds, or, conversely, become clear when the wind blows slowly. The artists contrast the past moments documented through images with the present uncertainty in a lyrical way, and body the freedom and power of wind through the playful pinwheels.

In the still-life theatre Dreamed displayed in the same exhibition space, the ferocious-looking food of all colours, dolls in wild clothes as well as vivid scene-setting in the photographs all come from the real image of two artists, or can be viewed as a metaphor for them. The dramatic lighting effects in still-life photographs echo the LEDs in frames, making the photos appear to be floating in the light. The glossy silks around photographs also add to the soft atmosphere.

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