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Relevant words: Ping pong balls, launcher, repackaged, catapult, every five seconds, printed, diseases, beautiful, bright-colored, luck, arbitrary, probability, boring, unlucky, calculate, predict, pick up, revolve, hit target, estimate, crush, superstition, reading, health, fall down, inauspicious, bounce, to be hit, to be disappointed, frivolous, trample, throw away, lifespan, occupy, collect, root cause, detest, collide, squander, psychological innuendo, break by pressing, trample flat, fate, scatter, maintain health, assemble, evade, orbit, regret, forget, arc, gravity, helpless, unpredictable, breakdown, deception, pitfall, crisis, cause and effect, static electricity, pipeline, doomed, repent, power supply, vanish, veiled, steel wire, ignorance, garbage, overhang, consume…

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Bourgeoisified Proletariat Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio, Shanghai 09.10, 2009 -09.14, 2009

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