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Long Live the Great Union
Wood, acrylic
Edition of 2

The idea behind Long Live the Great Union was developed from my previous work Summer 2009, a life-size photo installation sectioned in 16 parts. Though seemingly displayed in a chaotic way in exhibiting space, the size, proportion, perspective and position of each component were in fact strictly and meticulously calculated. Viewers could walk in the space, but only when they stood on a certain precise spot, would the photograph be visually recomposed into a whole single piece.

Long Live the Great Union is also based on such principle. However each component here is turned into a 3D architectural element. I decided to use Tiananmen as the theme for its symbolic character, high recognizability, as well as the political allusions it involves, even if simplified. Entrance to Forbidden City, it is now more a famous tourist attraction. Any tourists passing in front of Tiananmen will take a picture of it, and get photographed with it as a souvenir. I am actually interested in this aspect as I wish people walk into the work and take pictures of it.

Detail pictures:

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