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Producing 6
Mixed Wood

By the examination of clothes and their styles over a vast arc of time in history, PU Jie identifies the rapid approach to western fashion in modern time taken by Chinese costumes traditionally with distinctive national flavours. Meanwhile, once applauded for the remarkable contribution to modernisation and economic growth in China, apparel manufacturing, the industry characterised by labour intensiveness, is also inevitably criticised in the discussion of developmental patterns. In Producing, the artist continues with his exploration in form of installation of "wood and city". The set of costumes, by its form and structure, drops hints on urban concepts, for instance, the design of the collar that resembles a monument, architectural features displayed by the way clothes are folded, as well as wood blocks jointed like pavement in cities that we are all familiar with. Being parts of the entire texture, these small units also speak deep respects by the artist to Jinlv Yuyi, a jade burial suit laced with gold thread in ancient China.