ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

10 Days in Vancouver
1998 (2012 recover the work made in 1998)
24‘ VCCBS Warm Tone, Airline Ticket
60(H)*50cm (x 10 pieces)

This is another playful piece of the darkroom. It involves with a round-trip air ticket from Shanghai to Vancouver. Based on the schedule, the artist prepared ten pieces of specially made photographic paper in the darkroom and sealed them in envelopes. He carried the envelopes with himself. On the first day at his arrival, he opened one and later the next till his departure. Due to different time of exposure, the work finally renders a line of progressive colors. The meaning of this work is to try something new.
On the left (theme of the work): airplane ticket Shanghai-Vancouver-Shanghai, valid for 10 days. 10 pieces of black&white photo paper, first all of them were covered with a black paper and  fixer chemicals.
1. day of Geng Jianyi's stay in Vancouver, the first black coverpaper is taken of and the photo paper starts to react.
2. day etc..

Detail pictures:

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