ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Ten Courses
2003 (2012 recover the work made in 2003)
Acrylic, Glass Plate
5(H)*60*150cm | Glass Plate 31*31cm 10 pieces  | Sauteed Broccoli wit 4*6cm 19 pieces  | Scrambled Egg with T 5*5cm 15 pieces  | Fried Tofu, Home Sty 3.5*6cm 19 pieces  | Sauteed Celery with  4*4cm 16 pieces  | Sauteed green vegeta 5*6cm 15 pieces  | Cucumber in Sauce 6*6cm 14 pieces  | Sweet and Sour Lotus 5.5*6cm 19 pieces  | Shredded Potatoes wi 4*6cm 16 pieces  | Sauteed Chinese Yam  5.5*3.5cm 16 pieces  | Sauteed Chinese Yam  5*5cm 13 pieces

This is the ordinary ten courses for a family cuisine. Shape can be imagined, but could scent be imagined? The visitors have to taste the ten courses through their “eyes.”

Detail pictures: