ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

site specific installation, to be produced

Continuing his experiment with optical illusion, YANG creates a piece in which the audience may see from a variety of angles and perspectives, only one of which is whole. We have seen similar works before by YANG; Summer 2009 (2009) and Live Long the Great Union (2011) both generated environments that tricked the human eye. Summer 2009 contained a large disjointed photograph of women’s legs underneath a table. From all sides one could only see the image as segmented, but when viewed from behind one narrow hole the picture was whole. The same concept was applied to his 2011 piece. YANG has once again utilized this concept in his 2013 piece Trespass. Much less politically active than his last piece, Trespass simply covers a space in the black and yellow stripes that resemble trespass tape used by police. When looked at through the hole, the lines come together. YANG has once again cleverly, and somewhat humorously, manipulated a generally pleasant environment of art exhibition. Similar to Fences one is seemingly trapped in this room; instead of freeing the audience YANG provides boundaries.

Richelle Simon in July 2013

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