ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Iron and mirrors, LED lights
145(H)*1000*1000cm | Stool 52*44.5*15cm (x 10 pieces) | flat pannels 145*300*40cm (x 6 pieces) | corner piece 145*100*100cm
Edition of 3

YANG Zhenzhong has always been an expert in the realm of altered perception and optical illusion. In 2009 he created an exhibit entitled , displaying sets of bars attached to the front of mirrors fixed on a blackboard. As the viewer approaches the art they see themselves reflected as behind bars; prisoners of the art. YANG’s most recent piece is inspired by and expands on the ideas seen in “Blackboard”. The barred mirrors are placed continuously across two sides of the room instead of in fragmented on the wall. On the floor, iron stools are set to enhance the disturbing illusion of being in a jail. From Jean-Paul Sartre’s well-known play “No Exit” we receive the infamous quote “Hell is - other people”, referencing the idea that existing with others is our only hell. YANG brings this quote to life, causing us realize the true jail; the true hell that is our existence among others. YANG suggests we are already in such a hell, and must see ourselves as such. Still, this dark piece is not without humor. One cannot help but laugh at the strangeness of seeing themselves transported into prison in an art gallery. YANG is well-known for his dark humor and maintains his reputation with this piece.

Richelle Simon in July 2013

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