ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Chopping You Up Deadly
multi-channel video
Double-channel video
4 minutes
Edition of 6 + 1AP

The 4-min video captures a man swinging an ax in the forest in a summer night. He seems nervous, irritated, violent, conflicted and perhaps lonely. This is a detoxifying process, and a rich symbolism of one's doubt about the current circumstances in society and reality. “The man is sweating, panting with racing heartbeat. Meanwhile, everything begins to overlap.” (Chen Xiaoyun)

Chen’s video, as a metaphor of an individual spirit, depicts a psychological image of depression and struggle. A certain kind of absurdity, advanced in the tension between the inner and the reality, powerfully turns into his narrative of incapability and abreaction towards daily life in a figurative way.

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