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On June 1, Zhao Bandi brought colorful pandas to the kids in Sichuan earthquake-hit area

On June 1, International Children's Day, I brought my 2008 Mascots – colorful panda soft toys – to the children in the earthquake-hit areas.
In Sichuan Deyang city, I met children with my 5-colour panda flush toys in the tent school. These children were so excited about the gifts and all ran to me asking for the toy. They were all around me with worries about not getting one, and we had to assure them that everyone would get a panda toy so as to keep them in order. It was such a long queue with unexpectedly over 200 children, looking forward to getting the gifts after the news was spread out.
In a temporarily built classroom in Pengzhou Tongji town, I told the children about the meanings of the colorful pandas. The red panda wishes them to be with love all the time; the yellow panda wishes them to enjoy their lives and be healthy; the black one wishes them to have forever friendship; the green one blesses them and their families; and the blue one stands for the extraordinary capacity.
In Cheng Du city center, we successfully sent these mascots to 27 lovely children evacuated from quake-hit areas on a bus, after long time tracking and chasing.
In Hong Bai town, when I was surrounded by children, I heard the villagers behind me yelling that ‘the boss of the toy factory is coming to give us toys!’

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