ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Performance | Single-channel video
Bull, Acrylic (Nanning, Guangxi)
5min 28Sec
Edition of 7

Zhang Qing's creations from 2000 to 2002 focused on gender, body, and consciousness." Moo-Cow!" was a live act in Zhang Qing ’s “Experience the Scene” exhibition in Xining, Guangxi in January 2002. In " Moo-Cow!", Zhang Qing wore female makeup, naked and painted red all over, attracting and angering a bull to fight against him without any protection and weapons. Zhang Qing's fascination with physical experience is reflected in the implementation of this behavior. Just as the female dressing in his previous works, he does not cover up his male gender when dressing up like a woman. The "hermaphrodite" may be the perfect and charming sex. Zhang Qing replaced the red cloth in the bullfighting game with her own body and was ready to be attacked at any time. Cows were teased by the stimuli in front of them, and human reacted accordingly to avoid danger. This is a dangerous, stimulating power game that comes from biological reactions.

In 2010, the video of " Moo-Cow!" was exhibited in the "Big Draft" exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bern.

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