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About the Unknown Girl - Ma Sise

Yang Fudong Film Project Author: Yang Fudong Translator: Fay Yeong 2013-08-31

2013-2015Films, Photographs, Paintings, Installations, etc.

This is a plan for a film being shot between 2013 and 2015, though the duration may be longer. It is a story about the life of one girl. Her name is Ma Sise, she played a role in two of my video works: General's Smile (2009) and The Fifth Night (2010). We are currently only acquaintances, but I'm curious of her studies in the field of professional performance, and I wonder how she has changed as an actress in daily life. I want to know all the thoughts and ideas of a TRUE actress, and what kind of furture her life holds. Meanwhile she will also play a new role in my new film. Between real life and true acting, there will be a lot of uncertainty in her future life. It is this kind of unknown life that makes us so full of expectations all the time.After I finished shooting the last part of Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forests in 2007, I tried, for the most part, to shoot and present films in art space for a few years, which some called 'Space Films'. I considered how to involve both regular shooting and formal ways of thinking during the filmmaking process into our work. But now, I want to try creating something with more flexibility and freedom.About the Unknown Girl - Ma Sise, showing in 12e Lyon Biennale, will be the beginning of this art project. It is just like the preface of a book. And it may become a film in the future. As for me, I wish it will become an uncertain 'free film'.

Note: Ma Sise. Full name is Ma Si She Zuo Wei (In Chinese). Born in October 1989 in Xichang, Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan, Sichuan province, China. Scorpio, actress, currently works and lives in Beijing.

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