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Words on the wall of Lyon Biennale Project

Author: Yang Fudong Translator: Fay/Andrea/Zhang Jianling 2013-08-30

From the moment I learnt to conjure up memories, my boredom vanished.

Sometimes I would recall the house I once lived in and imagine how I would start walking from one corner then eventually return to it, counting the things I encounter along the way.

In the beginning, my counting went by very quickly, but with each repetition, the process stretched a little longer. I began to remember every piece of furniture I had, every piece of object on the furniture and every faint detail of those pieces, even the colors and texture of the wood. After weeks of practice, simply trying to inventory everything in my room would take hours. The more I tried, the more I recalled, even the things I couldn't recognize or have already forgotten.

That's when I realized, even if a person has only lived for one day, he could still endure imprisonment for one hundred years without any difficulty. He will have enough pieces to count and thus exempt himself from boredom.

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