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I am me, and they are contemporary art

Author: He Chi 2021


A contemporary person, engages in painting and exhibits painting, must first face the question of the relationship between painting and contemporary art.
Painting is anti-contemporary art: for a painter, painting is anti-contemporary art.
For a painter, he is first a painter, second a painter, always a painter.
A painter who is not anti-contemporary art is not a good painter.
It is to against contemporary art, not to comply with it.
Those who claim "opposition is conformity", "opposition is a way of conformity", "oppositely conforming ", are still adaptations of contemporary art, not painting.
Contemporary art has become a pop culture of vulgar realism.
Painting is simple, stubborn and blunt
It does not cater to the fad, it does not chase the fad. It is not contemporary.
In an era when contemporary art overshadows everything, and pop culture takes precedence. Un-contemporary is probably the most anti-contemporary of all.

Painting is the mother tongue of contemporary art.
The pride of painting is the pride of the mother tongue; The mystery of painting is the mystery of the mother tongue; The confusion of painting is the confusion of the mother tongue.
Painting is the breast milk of many contemporary artists. Their perspective on contemporary is always the one of painting. But their view of painting wears a filter of "contemporary".
The embarrassment is not on painting but contemporary art.
“Just go back to painting if you failed”: Is painting the origin of contemporary art? A shelter or a sanatorium? An ultimate place to return to? Is painting a place where contemporary art endlessly demands security?
The frustrations and failures of contemporary art are not triumphs and glories of painting.
Painting is the nostalgia of contemporary art.
Contemporary art is born in resistance to painting and wanders in constant defiance against it.
Painting is the wound that contemporary art is born to carry.
It is the original sin of contemporary art.


Painting is my life.
I live in the city, and the countryside.
Spending my time in the city, and the countryside.
Urban is an illusion of rural; rural is the truth of urban.
Times in the countryside are more decisive, shaping the lifestyle and character that distinguishes me from theirs.
Contemporary, more than a historical concept invented based on time, is compartmentalization created based on space. Urban is contemporary, rural is not; metropolitan is contemporary, Town is not; Shanghai is contemporary, Beijing is not.
Internet is contemporary, the reality is not; virtual is contemporary, the body is not.
I don't just live in contemporary spaces, I live in uncontemporary places.
I don't just live in contemporary times, I live in uncontemporary moments.
I am (not only) me, and they are (only) contemporary art.


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