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Description of Somewhere


In this series, furniture, hangings, and everyday objects were found in European and china in yard sales, wrapped in canvas and printed with colors. When the painting is finished, the original object is removed, the paints and linen will keep the shape of the original object after the canvas were dries, similar to the process of turning the mold of a sculpture.

The traces of the ready-made object and the canvas form an entity where the knowable and the unknowable merge. Like in nature, there is light, there is shadow, there is day and night. Disappearance is also a part of existence.

I want this work to create this dialogue, which is memory and a certain emotional flow of the material remains of life. It is conceptual, it is pictorial, and it is a complement to its perception in space.

I hope that when you look at the work, your experiences in your life will fill in the blank part of the wall of life together with my work.

This group of works includes “Somewhere Suzhou”, “Somewhere London”, “Some where Berlin”, “Somewhere Austria”

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