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biography of Philippe Pirotte


Philippe Pirotte (°Antwerp, Belgium 1972) works as a curator and art critic since 1996.

Current position:

Director Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland

Exhibitions and projects

Owen Land, Kunsthalle Bern, March - April 2009

Slow Movement, with: Guillaume Leblon, Avery Preesman, Judith Hopf, Jimmy Robert, Adam Avikainen, Eileen Quinlan, Markus Raetz, Abraham Palatnik, Fernanda Gomes, Gerard Byrne, Lucy Skaer, Gabriel Lester, Sancho Silva and others
Kunsthalle Bern, January – February 2009

Involved, with: Stefan Brüggemann, Knut Asdam, Corey McCorkle, Pavel Büchler, Yutaka Sone, Luc Tuymans, and others, H-Space, Shanghart Gallery, Shanghai, October – November 2008

Alo?s Godinat, Kunsthalle Bern, October – November 2008

Rita McBride & Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Kunsthalle Bern, October - November 2008
In association with Frac Bourgogne, Dijon and Provincial Museum of Modern Art, Ostend
Curated in collaboration with Eva Gonzalez-Sancho and Philip Vandenbossche

Gerwald Rockenschaub, Kunsthalle Bern, summer 2008 (Cat. Walter K?nig, K?ln)

Stefan Brüggemann, Black Box, Kunsthalle Bern, 2008 (Cat., JRP/Ringier, Zürich)
Itinerary: Frac Bourgogne, Dijon

A Fantasy for the Moment, with: David Chieppo (USA), Andreas Dobler (CH), David Hominal (CH), Dirk Oeghoede (B), Anna?k Pitteloud (CH)/ Stammer Studio (B), Jim Shaw (USA)/ Benjamin Weissman (USA), David G. Tretiakoff (F), Stéphane Zaech (CH), Kunsthalle Bern, 2007

Marine Hugonnier, Kunsthalle Bern, 2007 (Cat., Revolver, Frankfurt)
In association with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia and the Fondazione Sandretto Re Redaubengo, Turino
Curated in collaboration with Carlos Basualdo and Francesco Bonami

Allan Kaprow, Art as Life, Kunsthalle Bern, 2007
In association with Haus der Kunst, München, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, LA Moca, Los Angeles
Concept: Stefanie Rosenthal, Eva Meyer-Hermann; Co-curated with Stefanie Rosenthal, Eva Meyer-Hermann and Philip Kaiser
Re-inventions of happenings by (a.o.) Ana Roldan(Mex), Otobong Nkanga (Nig), Narcisse Tordoir (B)

Jutta Koether, Kunsthalle Bern, 2007 (Cat., Dumont, K?ln)
In association with the K?lnischer Kunstverein
Co-curated with Kathrin Rhomberg

Pavel Büchler, Absentmindedwindowgazing, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006 (Cat., Veenman, Rotterdam)
Itinerary: Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2007; Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2008
Co-curated with Charles Esche

PRE-EMPTIVE, with Christoph Büchel & Giovanni Carmine, Florian Dombois, Zhang Enli, Kris Fierens, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Marine Hugonnier, Vanessa Van Obberghen, Camille Norment, and Serkan ?zkaya, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006

Yutaka Sone, Like looking for Snow Leopard, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006 (Cat.)
In association with the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, and Aspen Art Museum
Co-curated with Susanne Ghez and Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson

Carla Arocha, Dirt, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006 (Cat.)
Co-curated with Jesus Fuenmayor

VILLA JELMINI - The Complex of Respect, with Tonico Lemos Auad, Christina Braein, Balthasar Burkhard, Roberto Cuoghi, Art Farm/Wim Delvoye, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Armen Eloyan, Marius Engh, Jaime Gili, Henry VIII's Wives, Ivan Grubanov, Franticek Klossner, Michael S. Riedel, Tommy Simoens, Boy Stappaerts, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006

Vaclav Pozarek, KLEX, Kunsthalle Bern, 2006 (Cat.)

Knut ?sdam, The Care of the Self, Kunsthalle Bern, 2005
Itinerary: FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, 2005
Production of the film Blissed, with support from NBK vederlagsfondet, Oslo and the Norwegian Embassy in London.

Atelier 5 - 9 Künstler 9 Bauten, with Balthasar Burkhard, Silvie Defraoui, Michel Majerus, Meret Oppenheim, Markus R?tz, Niele Toroni, Felice Varini, Rémy Zaugg, Kunsthalle Bern, 2005
Camuflaje, with Carla Arocha, Katharina Fritsch, Vincent Geyskens, Marco Jacobs, Adrian Piper, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Vanessa Van Obberghen, Funda?ión Celarg, Caracas, 2005
Idyl-As to Answer that Picture, with Knut ?sdam, Sven Augustijnen, Miroslaw Balka, Lee Bul, Niels Donckers, Corey McCorkle, Mark Lewis, Yutaka Sone and Boy Stappaerts, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, 2005 (Cat.)
Off-Key, with Mike Bouchet, Stefan Brüggemann, Pavel Büchler, Gaylen Gerber, Ivan Grubanov, Suchan Kinoshita, Stephen Prina, Pamela Rosenkranz, Gert Verhoeven, a.o., Kunsthalle-Bern, 2005 (Cat.)
Corey McCorkle, Jesus Christ Says She is the Sun, Kunsthalle Bern, 2005 (Cat.)
Itinerary: Marres, Center for Contemporary Art, Maastricht, 2005

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, European Center for Futuristic Art, Kunsthalle Bern, 2005 (Cat.)
In association with Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, 2005
Co-curated with Susanne Titz

Beyond Desire, Fashion Museum Antwerp, 2005 (Cat.)
Conceptualisation (together with Ngone Fall) of the exhibition including: John Galliano, Ashish, Xuly B?t, Yohji Yamamoto, Jason Evans, Herzekiah Andrew Shanu, Malick Sidibé, Iké Udé, Ozwald Boateng, Bernhard Wilhelm, Thiery Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, Jean Paul Gaultier, Angelo Figus, Isaac Julien

Knut ?sdam, Psychastenia 10, objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp, 2004

Working Ethics, from a certain Flanders, with Carla Arocha, David Claerbout, Niels Donckers, Karin Hanssen, Philip Huyghe, Marco Jacobs, Narcisse Tordoir, Koen de Decker, Gert Robijns, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Michael Van den Abbeele, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Vanessa Van Obberghen and Gert Verhoeven, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, 2004 (Cat.)

Close-reading #3, with Otobong Nkanga, Sergio Prego and Erwin Wurm, objectif_exhibitions and W.A.L.T.E.R. fashion boutique, Antwerp, 2004

Karin Hanssen, Modern Living, objectif_exhibtions, Antwerp and Platform, Berlin, 2004 (Cat.)

Pedro Cabrita Reis, objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp, 2004

Corey McCorkle, Jugendstil, objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp, 2003 (Cat.)

Gert Verhoeven, Museum Dhondt-Daenens, Deurle, 2003 (Cat.)

Pressing, an exhibition on drawing with Mike Kelley, Arturo Herrera, Corey McCorkle, Gaylen Gerber, Yoshitomo Nara, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Luc Tuymans a.o., objectif_exhibitions, 2002

Natalie Melikian, Action, video-installation in the Mobile Construction by Richard Venlet, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, 2002

Close-reading #2, with Imi Knoebel, Pedro Cabrita Reis, a.o., objectif_exhibitons, Antwerp, 2002

Close-reading #1, with John Baldessari, Mel Bochner, Gerard Hemsworth, a.o., objectif_exhibitons, Antwerp, 2002

objectif[camouflage], with Carla Arocha, Katharina Fritsch, Marco Jacobs, Adrian Piper and Vanessa Van Obberghen, Camouflage.Art.Culture.Politics, Brussels, 2001-2002

ExitCongoMuseum, with Luc Tuymans, Johan Muyle, Edith Dekyndt, Barthélémy Toguo, David Hammons, a.o., Museum of African Art, Tervueren, Brussels, 2001 (Cat.)

Luc Tuymans, Mwana Kitoko (Beautiful White Man), Belgian Pavilion, Venice Biennial, 2001 (Cat.)
Co-curated with Jan Hoet and Robert Storr

Dierk Schmidt, Ich weiss was was du nicht weisst, when opinion becomes a reason for calculation, objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp and Platform, Berlin, 2001 (Cat.)

Bili Bidjocka, Reflection, Hal, Antwerp, 2000

Trafique, SMAK extra-muros, with Fernando Alvim, David Bade, Michel Fran?ois, Meschac Gaba, Kendell Geers, Moshekwa Aaron Langa, Jozef Legrand, Everlyn Nicodemus, Aimé Ntakiyica, Boris Ondriecka, Antoine Prum, Pascale Marthine Tayou, a.o.,  Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent, Belgium, 1999 (Cat.)

Jan Cox, The Iliad, Project from the Flemish Government for Thessaloniki ’97, Cultural Capital of Europe; Itinerary: traveled to A. Spinoy Culture Center, Mechelen, Belgium, 1998 (Cat.)

Jan Cox 1919-1980, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp, 1997 (Cat.)

Studio Champ d’Action, Antwerp,1996
Exhibition/Musical Event with Gerhard Hemsworth, Serge Verstockt, Champ d’Action, a.o.

Writing includes:

Zhang Enli, Spaces and things in: Zhang Enli, Container, Steidl Hauser & Wirth, Zürich-London, 2008

Armen Eloyan, in: Armen Eloyan, Parasol Unit London & JRP/Ringier Zürich, 2007

Pavel Büchler, Charles Esche and Philippe Pirotte in Conversation, in: Pavel Büchler, Absentmindedwindowgazing (Exh. Cat.), Kunsthalle Bern, Vanabbemuseum, Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam, 2007

Ivan Grubanov, Close Encounters, Afterall Magazine, Issue 14, Fall, 2006

Yutaka Sone, The Time of the Landscape, in: Yutaka Sone (Exh. Cat.), The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Aspen Art Museum, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, 2006

Miroslaw Balka, Winterreise, in: Zones of Contact (Exh. Cat.), Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, 2006

Idyl. As to Answer that Picture (Exh. Cat.), Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, 2005

L’Africeur de Bogolan. Workshopping in Bamako, in: Are we changing the world-Narcisse Tordoir, Collaborate Works, Extracity Center For Contemporary Art, Antwerp, 2005 (Exh. Cat.)

Iké Udé, How do You Like Me Now?, in: Beyond Desire (Exh. Cat.), MOMU, Fashion Museum, Antwerp, 2005

The World Revised, in A-Prior Magazine #9, 2004

Staging Encounters, in: Pascale Marthine Tayou (Exh. Cat.), Macro Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Roma, 2004

Corey McCorkle, Jugendstil (Exh. Cat.), objectif_Exhibtions, Antwerp, 2003

Yun-Fei Ji, The Old One Hundred Names (Exh. Cat.), Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Pratt Institute, New York, 2003

Simryn Gill, Dalam, in Forwart (Exh .Cat.), an exhibition of Contemporary Art in Brussels, Royal Museum of Art, Brussels 2002

Bili Bidjocka, The Jet-Lag Experiment, in: Nka Journal of Contemporary African Art, Issue#15, 2001

Luc Tuymans, Mwana Kitoko (beautiful white man) (Exh. Cat.), Belgian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial, Venice, 2001

Lectures, Residencies and Academic and previous Experience

Lecturer at Platform Garanti, Istanbul; Feria Iberoamericana de Arte, Caracas; Arco, Madrid; Apexart, New York; Dakar Biennial; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht; Rijksakademie, Amsterdam; Le Grand Café St. Nazaire

Senior Advisor at the Rijksakademie for Visual Arts, Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2003

Curatorial Tutor at the Ecole du Magasin, Grenoble, France since 2008

Advisory Board  Member objectif_exhibitions, Antwerp since 2007

Acquisition Committee Member, FRAC Burgundy, Dijon since 2003

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