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Geng Jianyi about Art and Art Making

Author: Geng Jianyi 2004

"I used to think that a completed artwork was like the completed act of taking a piss: when it's finished it's finished - you don't go carrying the contents of the chamber pot around with you. But now things are different, you can't just take a piss whenever you like anymore and be done with it. There are special bathrooms, like museums and art galleries, that want to expose you in your most basic acts. And doesn't everybody now accept this situation as normal? The people going in for a look are all very interested, comparing who is big and who is small. How is it that I was born in this age of organisation? and how is it that I want to be proclaimed the champ? It's really a shame."
-Geng Jianyi

(from 'Chinese's New Art, Post-1989', Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong, 1993)

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