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Pu Jie

Author: ZHOU Zhiyuan Translator: LIU Yanping 2009-07-18

Pu Jie has always lived in Shanghai. For the past twenty years, this city has dramatically changed.

Pu Jie's oil painting is the epitome/miniature of this special historical era. In a city colored with lemon yellow, young women and daily goods represent commercial culture; at the back, some portraits from revolutionary times represent simplicity and tranquility. The painting isn't reflected by classical rules, instead it uses two dimensions to combine the people and the theme on his canvas. Although the short black lines emphasize eager and vitality, yet they show briefness, emptiness, and uneasiness. This type of arrangement, at first glance, will be confused with being related to kind of compare-contrast relationship; however, Pu Jie arranges his paintings in fragments that determine his style of narration on the canvas. These continuous art works becomes the vocabulary and letters of his way of communication as the concept of his art. These art works consist of the artist's more than ten years' experiences and his concept on the art! The poetically emphasizing tone digests the images' implied comparison and contradictory, makes people wonder, as if they stand in the middle of the time street.

Pu Jie is especially fond of the color of yellows, which is always considered to Chinese society and its culture. During two thousand years, yellows were symbolized as royal colors and their central power for different dynasties. They were the colors that could control and warn their royal subjects. Meanwhile, long-term emperors' tyranny also makes the yellows as a symbol of cultural imprisonment and trite/pedantic. However, Pu Jie is more interested in another level of meaning toward the color of yellows – Chinese common people "joke" about them in the current society. Unchecked spread of pornography is the best proof of unrestrainedly pursuing materials." Ten years ago, he started to try mingling "yellows" into his paintings. Also he tried to express Chinese cultural hypocrisy by using yellows. This phenomenon of surface and depth coexistence is just the same to the digits numbers "0" and "1" in the computers: monotonous, but also embracing wide spectrum of ideas.

Compared to a few years ago, the attitude toward the past seems changed, and people become more clam and comfortable toward the past. This status of submitting to adversity makes the artists feel dull. But Pu Jie still well preserve the past and memory just like keeping scientific.

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