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Seeing One's Own Eyes

Contemporary art from the Middle East curator statement 2009

This exhibition is an artistic representation of the multi-aspect situation in the Middle-East from a Chinese point of view. Creation of the exhibited works was based on respect, objectivity and strictness. An approach to the Middle East world seen from heartedly devoted Chinese people, with the hope that this third party's objective vision can comprehend the two others. Through art, stimulate communication and understanding between people, work for the peace in the world and pluri-cultural coexistence. All images and texts that this exhibition refers to are compositions of selected caricatural images that have been published in various international public media. The selection was done according to both cultures' differences, as equal as possible, to reduce misunderstanding and enhance comprehension. Through art, contradictions are dissolved and peace is shared. The beauty of art isn't meant to create division, just as love isn't either. Mozi said: "The world is ruled when there is communication and chaotic when there is mutual hate." We create to encourage understanding. As the exhibition title announces it, we hope that art is as limpid as eyes, revealing the purity of our heart.

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