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Twenty-Six Evil Spirit Passes—"The Day of Peace"

Conception of the Work Author: Wei Guangqing 2002

Materials and Facture

The twenty-six evil spirit passes of "Twenty-six Evil spirit passes" from the traditional Chinese culture shall be represented by 295 pottery figurines, 30 cm in height, which will be produced from the Nanfeng antique kiln at Stone Bay, Foshan, Guangdong Province.

The model, made of glass at a thickness of 0.8 cm, shall represent America's Pentagon.  This model shall consist of 26 sets of civil-use house models, in which twenty-six evil spirit passes represented by 295 pottery figurines shall be placed respectively.

Method of Display

The work shall be placed on 26 exhibition tables, 10 cm in height, combined to make the pentagon shape.  The spectators will look down at the work.

Description of the Work

The work mainly shows the observation and introspection of globalism from the perspective of sociology. The remembrance of traditional culture is like a container. The use and modification of existent resources of traditional images form the description of "contemporaneous" issues of our society. The Pentagon is a symbol of the American government and power, which forms a closed courtyard.  After the 911 Attack, the international structure has changed and people's attitude towards all things are opened or reevaluated.  All things have become frail, including government, economy, and power. Through this work, the Pentagon, a symbol of power, is modified into several sets of civil-use houses, and placed side by side with several pottery figurines altered from Chinese traditional images.  Consequently, people will associate the two images and form fantastic feelings about destiny.  All will dramatically describe the complicated value relations and mental conflicts of our single-dimension personalities.

Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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