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Night Tales

Solo Exhibition of Xiang Liqing Jun,2011

Night Tales - Solo Exhibition of Xiang Liqing is due to be inaugurated in ShanghART Gallery on June 10th, 2011. It contains Xiang Liqing's brand new works in 2011, including Installation, Sculpture and Acrylic on Paper. There are ten more art pieces in total.

Night Tales is the infinite imagination. People are pursuing the possibility in all kinds of impossibilities. At last the "night" becomes the subject. Xiang Liqing is interested in substance itself. He continues to search characteristics of each substance and describes it in his own special ways. Although they're unrelated, Xiang Liqing shows his artistic expression through all these different medium substances themselves.

Entering the exhibition hall, a installation, Countdown, with six beating and reducing figures is hung on the white wall. Countdown is a dot matrix countdown installation, consisting of different parts measuring hours, minutes, seconds and a tenth of seconds respectively, which exhibits the fleeting time of everyday life. "8 Hour" is a fundamental system in our society: 8 hours for working, 8 hours for sleeping and our life is divided into three sections by "8 Hour" system. Xiang Liqing sets this installation to commence from 8 hours which constantly repeats itself after three beeps when the process returns to zero.

Materials in Chaff include chaff mixed with resin. Seemingly fully grown and developed, chaff here is effectively unripe paddy, which remains practically unfruitful and eliminated from the production of natural world. Xiang Liqing enclosed these eliminated chaff in the transparent resin. The arrows bent towards some directions, which leave a sense of confusion and deep thinking at the same time.

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Night Tales


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