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"Action of Consciousness" MadeIn Company 2011 New Works Exhibition


This exhibition of new works by MadeIn Company in ShanghArt Gallery "Action of Consciousness" is composed of four artwork series: "Action of Consciousness", a performance and installation the show was named after, larges scale sculptures series "Divinity", sculptures and installations of human hung with ropes titled "Play", and a series of classic oil paintings "Prey" based on photographs of precarious homes in Shanghai and Guizhou Province. On the opening, the company will also present the cultural fitness exercise created earlier this year "Physique of Consciousness".

As a continuation of "Physique of Consciousness", "Action of Consciousness" challenged the unharmonious relationships between "reflection" and "action". In the artwork "Action of Consciousness", viewers can only see the works within the moment they are being thrown out from a white cube. They no longer have to be seen clearly. They call for general impressions on art in people's mind: admiring is a certain way of thinking. Viewers' "cognition method" on contemporary art is being tested here.  

The installation featuring Japanese bondage and sadomasochist games, "Play", presents human size dark skin people silicon sculptures hung in the exhibition space with ropes. Black foam sculptures "Divinity" were inspired from movements of the fitness exercise "Physique of Consciousness". Both of these series constitute a perspective on cultural stereotypes, confusing observation and cognition at a certain level.  

The series on poor people's home "Prey", that uses traditional classic oil painting techniques, is realized after photographs taken by a team sent to Shanghai suburbs and Guizhou province by MadeIn Company. Each painting's caption consists in a map with the exact address of the home. These artworks combine passion for "old damaged things" with ethic principles, disturbing moral awareness and beauty appreciation, and ironizing aesthetic relation between art and misery.

"Physique of Consciousness" is a cultural fitness exercise composed of more than two hundreds steps and moves from a hundred ceremonies, worships and traditions accumulated through the History of Humanity. A professional "Physique of Consciousness" trainer will be performing the exercise among the "Divinity" sculptures. Together with this exhibition, MadeIn Company will launch its first catalogue "Action of Consciousness", that combines design elements of common ‘street' print shops. It gathers all the main artworks since the company establishment, presenting MadeIn's creating concept that is centered on "producing creativity".

Q:  In the work "Action of Consciousness" nothing can be seen clearly, is that an issue?
A:  Do we really see all the other works clearly? As you face this work, you test your own experience on contemporary art, it is an experience on each individual's cognition method.

Q:  What are those black foam African sculptures?
A:  These aren't African sculptures, but it isn't your fault, perhaps when we think of wild civilization we easily think of Africa. If you look carefully, these sculptures using erotic bondage techniques aren't completely like 'black' people, they actually have the body of Asian women. Everyone is the same, we always use some cultural inertias to "observe".

Q:  What is the difference between "Prey" and local realistic misery's paintings?
A:  "Prey" is an action that includes certain compassion. It is also a moral redemption.
It is a breakthrough, a turning point in local realistic and misery's painting.

Q:   Are their any relations between all these works?
A:   "Action of Consciousness", "Play", "Divinity" and "Play" are all in some different ways related to action, behavior.

Q:  How to understand "producing creativity"?
A:   Each company has its "product", the "product" of MadeIn Company is "creativity".  We do our best to keep producing creativity.

Q:  How to understand the sentence "no matter how much we do it is never enough"? From a consumption desire's point of view it is an infinite hole, if you know that there will never be enough, does creating still make sense?
A:  We consider that: today, art already became a certain "moment", we only exist at this particular "moment".

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