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Revitalising, A Gathering upon Awakening of Insects

Preface 2012-03-01

Upon the arrival of Jingzhe (the 3rd of 24 solar terms in traditional Chinese calendar, literally "Awakening of Insects"), creatures are startled to wake up from dormancy after long and chilly winter, indicative of beginning of new activities in forthcoming time. The energy produced by germination renders intoxicating vitality. Unlike bold and stretching movements, revitalisation during Jingzhe is accompanied by rustling and murmuring with a delicate and predicting appearance. Signalled by A Gathering upon Awakening of Insects, we would love to transfer such rejoicement into observation on art creation, presenting a bunch of newly created works or those rarely displayed before.

Infused with profound "revitalisation", it is an exhibition introducing painting practice like no other on the artists' records, bizarre scenes that replace poetic narration, as well as metal and readymades installation that suggests diversified attitudes in art production; or installation model fashioned by an ideal creation, implementation of creation theory stemming from botanical system, attempt at easel painting stepping into public space and magnificent conversion of uselessness in a dialectic manner. Comfortably, the display encompasses new possibilities and developments, simultaneously foretelling another round of artistic activities.


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