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All That is Solid Melts into Air

Preface Author: Colin Chinnery 2012-05-20

SHI Qing has created an arena, a park, a domain where Modernism and today find themselves face to face in a strange but inevitable liaison. Half hidden in the ominous territory of plants one finds remnants of potent utopian ideas whose decay have left only their facades, like the backdrops to Hollywood westerns. But upon closer inspection these structures only allude to backdrops, using their every day materials to keep a low profile, keeping their ideas to themselves until the day when ideas are needed again. In the rickety state of the once impenetrable financial universe their voices slowly murmur in the undergrowth, combining with other voices and growing in strength until they can once again penetrate people's consciousness. SHI Qing's work has brought the past to recon with us here and now. Now the past is present, and the present is waiting for the future.

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All That is Solid Melts into Air


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