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Introduction of Physique of Consciousness

Author: Ivy Liu Translator: Ivy Liu Proofread by Andrea Keller and Sachiel Yuu May,2012

The series Physique of Consciousness is a set of “psychic fitness exercise” first created by MadeIn Company based on typical movements related to sacrifice, adoration and manners from different religions and cultures around the world. The entire set of this fitness exercise includes more than 200 movements. It can be watched and learned from a demo video, which was also made into over 300 small photos, showing different main movements and positions. Moreover, MadeIn Company also published a hand-made art book entitled Physique of Consciousness, Museum Manual, which includes the source of every movement of the exercise.

This works attempts to spread all ideologies in the history of human development by transforming them into actions and shapes which are displayed intensively. To choose the approach of fitness equipment can be regarded as not only a breakthrough on the form of artworks, but also a deliberate dispelling to the political of an ideology. Simultaneously, this work set is a project containing a sense of irony to expose and satirize human “credulous” customs: whether or not audiences will choose to believe the function of strengthening physical health and relieving stress as well as entering in harmony contained in the fitness exercise, when we compose these religious observations coming from systematically research and extraction of fitness exercise and displaying it in the exhibition hall of contemporary art?

Every visitor will become an inseparable part of the exhibition when entering the venue of Physique of Consciousness. The paved Yoga mats, the continuously playing demo video and the detailed teaching manual all encourage the audience to participate. Still they can’t help but question the nature of this exhibition. Because of the comparison with traditional displays of artworks in art spaces, the content of this exhibition breaks through with the original expectations and leaves the questions as well as the conjectures about the nature and purpose of this exhibition open: Either recognition of Concept Art or imitation of the fitness equipment. Physique of Consciousness creates a space “in between” that suggests different things, depending on which attitude one comes with--people can only see the things which provoke their interests.

Throughout this set of works, Physique of Consciousness overstepped already the official understanding and categories of art and focuses on the observation of human ideology. It challenges human psychological inertia by creating an uncertain and unstable exhibiting aura.

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