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Introduction of Spread

Author: Ivy Liu Translator: Ivy Liu and proofread by Andrea Keller and Sachiel Yuu May,2012

Spread is an independent art project developed by MadeIn Company since 2009,where ideas and elements of cartoons from all over the world are continuously selected and combined into creative compositions in form of collages on canvas, installations, paintings, animations, etc.

With continuous experiments and practices of creative material and aesthetic effects, the series Spread has been going through a gradual developing process. It emerged for the first time in the Middle East Contemporary Art Exhibition in the form of a fabric collage and was increasingly transformed into more three-dimensional body, to the extent that even large-scale “soft sculptures” are used in some of the works. In the exhibition entitled Useful Life 2010, MadeIn Company’s works Spread 201009103 and Spread 201009104 changed the original use of fabrics, but instead took some complete three-dimension materials such as foam and landscape plants for its creation. This shows the development from a seemingly planar art form to three-dimension installation artworks.

Concerning the aspects of utility and expression of creative elements as well as artistic effect, the series of works is increasingly developing from image combination by directly using cartoon elements to an artistic expressing method by focusing on abstract aesthetic. All the contained ideas and details from the cartoon materials are selected, extracted, transformed and re-assembled into a new composition, among which, cartoon elements have been gradually turned into an “abstract” language and increased focused on aesthetic effects. Besides, on the level of artistic effects, these works even relate to Pop Art and cheap decoration. By finding alternatives from everyday life and the derivative images from paintings, they reconstruct new ornamental images from cartoons in different spaces and medias by a superb and gorgeous Pop Art expressing method.

When it comes to the meaning and content, the early works of Spread fit the sense of irony according to the Middle East Contemporary Art Exhibition: using abstract elements from Middle East political cartoons to create an incongruous level between appreciation and understanding by the visual angle of cultural prejudice. However, with the continuously pursuing and exploration of effects of artistic aesthetic, the observation on the ideology of the series Spread has been increasingly cancelled and became an absolute pondering and exploration of abstract aesthetic.

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