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Introduction of Action of Consciousness

Author: Ivy Liu Translator: Ivy Liu Proofread by Andrea Keller and Sachiel Yuu May,2012

Since MadeIn Company has been established in 2009, it puts the openness of research and unlimited way of understanding as the focus of its work at all times. As the continuation of Physique of Consciousness, Action of Consciousness was created in 2011 and still challenges the discordant relationship between “reflection” and “action”.

In an enclosed exhibition booth, dozens of artworks are thrown up to the air and immediately dropped again by the performer hidden under the exhibition booth. Among them, there are artworks of various types, most of them are everyday product readymades, furthermore some works with political tint are included. During this circulating process, the works can only be seen by viewers within the moment they are being thrown out from the white cube. Similar to Physique of Consciousness, it is another work blurring the traditional definitions and boundaries of art. Inside of this project, artworks no longer need to be seen clearly, using the remaining impressions of them is enough to acquire the comprehension of art.

Action of Consciousness also challenges a brand new exhibition way. The shape of the enclosed white cube’s exhibition booth looks like a substitute of the major art exhibition space in the process of art history development in the West. It represents an authentic, continuously existent and traditional method of artwork display: artworks are still placed in the environment which resembles the white cube. But throwing out artworks from the “white cube” changes this stable way. Artworks are no longer gravely displayed in the exhibition booths or mounted on frames, it is not even the same as the performances vividly shown in theatres and stages. The recreational and reasonless meaning within this project obviously removes the viewers’ mental corselet of the sense of awe when they are facing art. This moving interpretation method influences the audiences’ way of appreciating and understanding an art exhibition. When viewers are facing these works, it tests their own experience on contemporary art. What they appreciate is a certain way of thinking and what they are tested in is every individual’s “cognitive method” on contemporary art.

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