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Introduction of Divinity

Author: Ivy Liu Translator: Ivy Liu Proofread by Andrea Keller and Sachiel Yuu May,2012

Unlike traditional sculpture making material, the series of large-scale sculptures and installations entitled Divinity mainly uses special material called polyurethane foam. Later in the work process, the foam gets cut and sprayed paint on it. The series also includes the reuse of readymades such as three-ply boards and leather, as well as extractions from traditional sculpture images. Among these, the large-scale works even reach over 4 meters and occupy the exhibition hall with its indomitable images. The works look solemn and dignified, their profiles as well as their appearances were produced roughly but without the angular effect. The large surface sprayed in black paint transforms the material, which is originally light and soft, to a heavy and mysterious effect.

The series of works makes viewers associate with African primitive tribe’s “totem” sculptures, however, MadeIn Company points out that they are not African sculptures, but new products with similar shapes. At the same time, they are the disguised replacement of canon images and concepts of human historical classical images: the Human-Insect Hybrid which is transformed from the Egyptian Sphinx, the divine couple’s image named Marx, the Divinity's Posterior which has been created partly based on the animal Pixiu from the Chinese traditional mythology, and the terrorist appearance, covered with the cowhide on his head, splashed with the sensual low temperature waxes on his body. The title shares the same feature with its joke-like creating method in the artpiece Game. Through these works, MadeIn Company successfully creates a discordance on the level of appreciation and understanding. It is not hard to find a correspondence in shapes of the statues in Divinity with the works of Physique of Consciousness. It also reveals an important information: the series Divinity is actually as well a part of MadeIn Company’s observation on consciousness, which forces viewers to doubt the classic in order to rethink and redefine these works, which produces a new ideology via creating an “appreciate misunderstanding”.

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