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Introduction of Focus

Author: Ivy Liu Translator: Ivy Liu, Proofread by Andrea Keller and Sachiel Yuu May,2012

The series of installation works Focus, created by MadeIn Company, selects the repeated use of ready-made materials. 5 advanced cameras (the types are HASSELBLAD 500C/M, NIKON F5, SONY DSC-W5, KONICA MINOLTA α-7, CANON EOS-20D, respectively) are threaded through rough aboriginal spears and stiffly nailed on the wall of the exhibition hall, which looks like the captured equipment of a violent behavior to be shown in front of the audiences.

It is not hard to find implications of this works by taking a close look: It concerns the exchange of violent reality. A camera is a medium that captures all events happening in life, it represents eyes as well as recording of reality. But on the same time, a camera can also express a completely different opinion from another viewing and observation angle. This can be seen in analogy to a spear, which is a common tool and a weapon, displaying both resistance and murder. So when a spear is inserted in the camera, they therefore generate a confrontation of conflicts. The implied moral is ambiguous: It is either the murder of reality or the resistance of lie, this depends on the standpoint one decides to take.

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