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Magician Party and Dead Crow


After three months of residency in ShanghART Beijing Space, SUN Xun presents us a 3D animation film "Magician Party and Dead Crow". As an artist who builds the narrative structure in exhibitions, SUN Xun creates a space involving video, scenes, acting, theatre, installations and paintings this time. Some frequent elements in 21G and New China, like the monument, will be the main line in this project. Basing on the unremitting doubts on the authority and the distrust of the "histories", SUN attempts to explore into the metaphors behind the allegories and explain the histories from different perspectives.

People have imaginations and explorations of stars since ancient times, one part of which become "Science" known as an useful system and the other part come into an useless system. Pyramids are designed as the bases of the monuments. When they overlap with those planets, the complete shape of the monuments will emerge.

These monuments become the representative of the useless system. They are the indispensable part of the ideology in the past and also the tool to communicate with the gods today which is emphasised in this exhibition.

Some monuments were sited in a park, then we got the "Monument Park". In this exhibition, we see a mount without a hero in "Monument of A Hero Dismounted from His History", a mix of a magician and the allegory Fox and the Grapes in "Fox and Grapes Monument", a fish wandering near the Date Line in"Monument of the First Fish Leaping the Date Line", fixed stars changed into meteors in "Meteor Monument", a film projector interpreted as a lying machine in "Lies Monument",  exotic imaginations in "Indian Emperor  Monument", curses and metaphors in "Crow Monument", a plainly mental world in"Secret Monument" and the rearrangement of the boundaries in the world in "Map Monument". These monuments together form a "Monument Park" which contains individual life and questions the public coordinate system based on general knowledges and histories.

This absurd and mottled world built in this exhibition presents a mysterious atmosphere. An airship in the air is swimming with the fishes. All these flickering stars, shadows and a train crossing the "Monument Park" bring us to the boundary between imaginations and the reality. Artist SUN Xun tries to find the feeling of real existence and some clues in histories.

"Theatre" is translated as a place for selling lies in this exhibition. Things on the screen are all lies which are decorated on purposes. People pay for tickets to enter a theatre and become numbers. They are so sentimental to pay for lies. People can check the histories of the past but can not define the present history and lies become the only "reliable".

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