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"8848-1.86" list of all elements


list of all elements
Model of hill left x1 (3750X1740X1820mm, 300kg)
Model of hill right x1 (3750X1980X1770mm,450kg)
Repair tool box x1 (605X425X405mm, 57kg)
Black bag of trip x1 (clothes and pants of down)  (530X440X880mm,8kg)
No1 box x1 (800X600X505mm, 20kg)
No2 length box x1 (1400X605X605mm, 50kg)
No3 x1 (805X570X460mm, 40kg)
No4 box x1 (805X600X500mm, 25kg)
NO5 box x1 (bubble) (700X780X490mm, 20kg)
No6 box x1 (shore up post x29 radix, light x10 calix, rubber bar) (4410X655X535mm, 200kg)
No7 box x1 (2310X840X365mm, 80kg)
No8 glass shelf glass x 16piece x1 (2100x1130x500, 500kg)
No9 glass shelf  glass x 14 piecex1  (995X1090X500,200kg)
Air condition x2 (1620X720X600mm, 65kg)
Square pipeline made of plank x4 (1060X1100X600, 25kg)
Frame make up steel x 6 piece
Load and unload x1 (2000X740X1300,150KG)
Box of plastics x8 (535X420X235 contain stone and  cement 25kg)
Go-cart x2 (810X600X130,10kg)
Aluminum alloy ladder
No10 box x1 (cable conductor, rubber bar, 801 gluewater x3 bottle, cable, screw) (700X480X660,50kg)
Plastics paper bucket x 1 (photo and paper) (1300x220, 15kg)

No1 box:
Length bag for equipment
Equipment bag x2
Puttee x2x2
Fluorescence stick x14
Insurance cincture x4
Empty gas jar x10
Egg box x4
Battery X20
Pot X2
The hand electricity X2
Combine tool
Compress biscuit X10
Socks X6 pair
Cooking utensil X4
Canteen X4
Watch X4
Telescope X1
Mariner's compass X2
Camera X2
The national flag X small 4, big 3, small X8
Headlamp X4
To talk machine x 4
Elevation form X1
Decompression form X4
Defend goggles X4
Down gloves x2 x2
Knitting wool gloves X4
Ice claw X2
Ice boot X4
Set head hat X5

No2 length box:
Sleep mat X3
Clip X1 pack
Ladder X3
Medicine box X1-medicine and surgical operation device
Heat preservation mat X1
Sleeping bag X4
Tent light X4
The mountain climbing wraps X2
Link X30
Tent X4
No3 box:
Climb mountain a shoe X4 pair
Oil bucket X1
Spade son X1
Flagpole X3
The gasoline launches machine X1
The rope for Climb mountain 100 ms, 100 ms
Snow crutch x4
Length ice pickaxe x1x2
Oxygen steel bottle X2
Breather X4 root
The steel wire rope saws X1 root

No.4 box:
Get empty an oxygen bottle X4
Heat preservation mat X3
The mountain climbing wraps X2
Sleep mat X1
Repair tool box:
Acrylic verditer X4 bottle (black, blue, white)
Chinese brush-pen X10
Watering can X2
Spade knife
Small wash basin X10
Accept tight hook X10
Glass sucker X2
Wrench X3
Tiger pliers X2
Hot gum gun X1, hot gum good X10
Pipe line
Drag along line plank
Convert plug
The black PVC sticks noodles
I am firm to take
7 words criticize knife
Rubber hammer
Carry on the back gum heat preservation cotton
Varnish X1 bottle
Silica gel gum transparent color X5
Lead a filter net
The dynamoelectric revolver drills
Spray the paint X4
Battery X30
Map X2 piece
The black trip bag
Feather down trousers X4
Feather down clothing X4
The air condition machine X2: the transformer X1, the sink X1, switch
No.7 box: steel plate X8 slice
No.6 box: the framework X28 root of steel plate creation, aluminum metal alloy X10
***No.1-4 the box have a little disorder, others no variety. Black trip bag also in a certain box of the 1-4th.***

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