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Yang Zhenzhong Works 1994-2001


Works (Selection):

1994 Happy Birthday (Agreed to the date 26 Nov.1994 as a reason)
Aspecially-made Cake with Wax, Eggs, Flour, Sugar, Spice, Pigment.
Hangzhou Nanshan cemetery, look for a stranger who was born on the same date, and hold a birthday ceremony for him in front of his tomb.  
Christmas Gift Wax, Pigment 30×27×12.5cm 1994.12.25.
On Christmas Day.1994, a Christmas' gift--a wax-molded breast was presented to a dead infant who was exhibited in the pathological specimen room of a hospital.

1995 Medicine(45 Degree as a reason) 1995.3.
[Prescription] Monkey sperm 9 portions, fermented rice 15g, scallion root 10g, poppy shell 15g, oleander leaf 5 pieces, and tobacco 3g.
[Application & Function] Take after each meal: for toothache, one dose cures.
[Method] Refer to demonstrate.  

Shower video 1995.8
To fanfare music in the background, a fully-dressed young man stands under a shower, rubbing soap on every last bit of his body - head (cap), feet (trainers), legs (jeans), body (shirt) - before rinsing and drying himself assiduously.  

Lucky Family I 100×60cm Photography, Computer Processing 1995
Lucky Family II 60×60cm Photography, Computer Processing 1995
Lucky Family III 60×60cm Photography, Computer Processing 1995
Lucky Family IV 60×60cm Photography, Computer Processing 1995

4×100㎡ Cooperatine activities 1995.11.  

1996 Fish bowl Video Installation 1996.9
Three monitors (21"), a video machine, a concave glass fish bowl, iron.
The concaved spot of the fish bowl has enough space for locating a monitor and has a half height of three piled up monitors. The fish bowl is filled with water and with small water pumps.
The video-recording contents: shooting closely a mouth which repeatedly produces the words: "we are not fish".  

1997 Sleepwalking Is A Therapy Video 30minutes 1997.8.
Fix a video camera on a remote control car, and the camera is moving ands shooting on the floor of an apartment house, the image and sound are not handled.

1998 Balance Video Installation 1998.3.
Three monitors, a video machine, a little camera, a move-sensor
Three monitors show the artist welcoming everyone entering the gallery with a big smile. On the central monitor, he slips away when visitors approach and the visitors themselves end up on the screen, caught by a camera placed at an angle, and therefore all shown leaning to the right. So the visitors have to lean to the left to make themselves upright on screen.
"Jiang Nan", Access Gallery/Vancouver
Trace Video Installation 1998
9" TV set, VCR, 180min VHS tape
Video and sound-close-up of a plaster being torn off hairy skin. The scene is repeated while its color is gradually shifting through the entire color spectrum. Together with the monitor, 2 photos of this very piece of skin, before and after the application of the plaster, and the used plaster itself are installed on a light table.

1999 Shanghai face, Video Installation 1999
Contents: Place a mask in front of a camera ... film the Shanghai crowd from the bridge over the intersection of Nanjing and Xizang Road.
Then project the video through a glass pan filled with water onto a screen on the ceiling.
The installation is set up in such a way that the vibrations emitted from the soundtrack will disrupt the surface of the water which in turn disrupts the projected image.

Cycle Aerobics Photography 1999.9.  
What You Can Tolerate Cannot be Wiped off by Your Tolerance Video 1999.10.
The video shows an agitated young man entering a metro station. He has held on for too long and is now looking for the toilets. He walks through the crowd, feeling more and more uncomfortable. He makes enquiries and ends up finding the public urinal, relieving himself at last!  

2000 922 Rice Corns Video 2000
CONTENT: A cock and a hen are picking a heap of rice on the ground. Their head's nicking movements will evaluate the exact number of corns.
SOUND: Male and female voiceover counting accordingly.
SUBTITLES: Rice counters: the left for the cock, the right for the hen, and the middle for total.
A living snake(viper) color copy size: A3 2000  

I Will Die Video 2000-2001
People of different ages and status said: "I will die."
On the Pillow Photography 2000.10

If You Have A Parrot, What Words Do You Like to Teach Him (Her)?  
2001 Video installation 2001

Don't Move Video Installation 2001
12 TV-set, 12 video-set, 12 wooden box


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