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“Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007” – a virtual plan about 12th Kassel Documentary from artist


Today the world is filled with biennales, not to mention those in the preparation phase. The global art events are every where. Curators, artists, art organizations, foundations, galleries, collectors and audience shuttle around the world to catch the scene. Is it time for “art” to take a rest? Could Kassel Documentary, one of the most important biennales in the world, act as an example to take a rest first?
Let the artists relax.
Let the curators relax.
Let the critics relax.
Let the audience relax.
Let the art organizations relax.
Let the art foundations relax.
Let the sponsors relax.
Let the galleries relax.
Let the media relax.

Proposal A:
1.       During the period of 12th Kassel Documentary from June 16 to September 23, use panels to wrap up venues like the museum, beer factory, cultural station stop and other newly added satellite venues. On the panel written “Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007”
2.       Delete or hide all the information on 12th Kassel Documentary on the internet or magazines.

Proposal B:
Under the theme “Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007” do a survey through questionnaire.

Questionnaire on “Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007”
Note: Whether you are in the field of art or not, please give your choice for each question.
Your answer will be displayed and issued, as part of this proposal. Please give your full support.

1.       Do you know Kassel Documentary? A.Very Well    B.A bit    C Heard of, but don’t know its details    D. Don’t know

2.       Have you visited Kassel Documentary? A Will go    B. Too far away.    C Never thought of.    D. We don’t belong Europe Union and it’s hard to obtain the visa    E. None of my business

3.       Do you think visiting exhibitions is important in your life? Why? Can you read the artworks?
A.       Very Important    B. Average    C. So so    D. Not important Why?
E. Can F. Very difficult    G. Read them according to my own interpretation    H. Don’t know how to read    I. Others  

4. As an artist, what does Kassel Documentary mean to you?
A The showcase of best art in the world    B. Have the authentic power    C. Personal successful goal    D. Culture Mission    E. Misleading

5. One German citizen defines Kassel Documentary as following “It is a venue to see the emperor’s new clothe after buying a ticket and waiting in line.” What’s your view?
A. Prejudice    B. That’s art    C. True and needs to change    D. It’s Ok for fun.    E. The public needs to be educated.    F. Others

6. Apart from Kassel Documentary, Venice Biennale, San Paolo Biennale, how many existing biennales or those in preparation around the world? What’s your view on the “biennale phenomenon in the globe?”
A Above 10    B Above 20    C. Above 30    D. More

7.As a person involved in the art community, how many global art exhibitions do you visit annually including biennale, triennial or other important art exhibitions? Do you find any difference among them? Whom are they influential to?
A. Public   B. Curator   C. Artist   D. Art Organization   E. Gallery   F. Collector   G. Media H. Others

8. Do you feel exhausted to cover so many exhibitions?
A Excited.    B. It’s my job    C. Don’t feel exhausted    D. Very exhausted

9.What about if 12th Kassel Documentary stops because there are too different aggressive biennale around the world?
A. A disaster to art    B. Hurt the public    C.Anti-revolutionary    D. Sensible, very constructive   E.A solution with no solution    F. A good idea    G. Won’t bring any change

10. As an artist, you are invited to join 12th Kassel Documentary, what’s your reaction if it stops?
A.Can’t recover from it    B. Furious   C. Unfair, want a reason    D. Continue my own artistic ideal    E.Treat is as a joke.    F. No particular experience because never attended


Shiyong 2006, Shanghai, China

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