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The Coloured Sky: New Women II, Yang Fudong


Yang Fudong:
My mind was on The Coloured Sky: New Women II when I completed New Women. I was thinking about a colour film instead of black-and-white, and one that would not focus on idealism or a ‘grand’ narrative. To me New Woman II feels closer to childhood. Remember the way the wrapper of a candy had a dazzling rainbow colour when you put it against a sunbeam? New Women II is more about young girls in their room or private space. These girls have secrets which they never tell anyone, perhaps a secret present like a music box, a pearl or a necklace. New Women II is a work that attempts to convey the sensation of a girl with a special, secret gift. I would like to get close to real life by looking at this secret present.

During the shooting of The Coloured Sky: New Women II, I could feel that there had been a shift. I tried to get close to a form of abstract video, and I also explored a new type of narration and expression.

I have made a lot of black-and-white films before, but this time I chose digital video to make a coloured work. This was a very important experiment in understanding the ways that colour video can improve or change the narration. Also New Women II makes me think that I might need to incorporate painting, installation, video and mix them together in my future works. This project has given me some fresh ideas — perhaps this kind of freestyle creation can give me the courage to explore new things and support other breakthroughs.

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