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Press Release Author: BizART Oct,2006

Shi Qing's solo exhibition, ElectriCITY, had been held in Shanghai BizArt Art Center from October 13th to 20th, 2006, presenting installations, videos and performances. In this exhibition, Shi Qing will pursue his construction of systemic city's legend: converting the concept of electricity into an abstract city's legendry language, intangible, noiseless, fast, full of power and unlimited control. Electricity, as a god with political flavors, controls the spirits in each corner of the city. The intervention of Shi Qing in this city's legend comes from his personal memories of Shanghai, trying to find the nerve linking his own imagination to the individual memory of the city's history. Shi Qing's recent works began to narrate the investigation of the city's system by a living form of an individual. All the works in this exhibition were realized in Shanghai.

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