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Three Stages of SHI Qing's Works

Author: SHI Qing Translator: Andrea Keller Proofread by Sachiel Yuu May,2007

First Stage: "Black Taboo" 2000-2003

Attention is paid to topics related to adolescent psychology. During the adolescence, the body lives through a physical transformation with strong inner passion as well as a lack of a clear direction. In the context of the dramatic changes, while the entire nation was likewise living through a kind of "adolescence", the subconsciousness was regarded as the approach to the original sense of the intrinsic influence of art at that time.

Representative works

The Circumcision of Two-headed Monster (Installation, Performance) 2001
Black Taboo Series Moxi Town, Huangjue Ping and Zhoukou Dian (Short Films) 2000-2002
The Memory of Good Luck (Photography) 2001
Cloudy Day (Photography) 2004

Second Stage: "Expired Prophecy" 2002-2005

In this stage, attention is paid to collective consciousness and misappropriation of grammar of myth. The narrative mode of myths and ritualized experiment is emphasized and the comprehensive use of art media underlined. The possibility to create a kind of "field" in the work is realized with a large number of daily, repeated and sporadic behaviors, from which a symbolic language is extracted and expanded in non-linear time.

Representative works

Great Flood (Installation, Performance) 2002
Four Appearances Series Water, No Lotus in Winter, Rule of Mercury and Got Fire (Short Films) 2003-2004
Dinner Ceremony (Photography) 2004
The White Shirt Died Early (Photography) 2005

Third Stage: "Individual Cities" and "History Thinking" 2005 -

"Individual Cities" enters urban system using personal experience and perspective and emphasizes its accidental, complex and fragmentary characters. A microscopic point of view is applied in order to outline individual "escape line" from city and to complete individual modes of speaking concealed among noises.

Representative works

Beijing Botanical Garden (Installation, Video, Photography) 2006
Electricity Controls Shanghai (Video, Photography, Performance) 2006
16:23 (Photography) 2006
New Empty Fort Strategy (Installation, Video, Photography) 2007

While "History Imagination" excludes classical history, fermented past emerges along with individual subjective consciousness, which realizes the reincarnation of history upon the body of artist. Whereas individual cities is of spatial concept, historical imagination is a deep, temporal one. Individual experience creates history, history forms the base of the human subjective experience and reduces history itself to a physical texture.

Representative works

Wander off (Installation, Performance) 2005
Anorexia Nervosa Sufferer (Installation, Video, Photography) 2006

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