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Wei Guangqing: The Bar Code of The Commercial Era

Author: Xiao Yang Aug,2004

Many artists are thinkers, so their works are endowed with the profoundness, which cannot be understood by the laity. For example, Wei Guangqing spray-printed the car, with variously spaced colored stripes, makes the audience feel a jumping rhythm on the eye. But when Wei Guangqing tells you that it is a bar code as a characteristic of the commercial era, you would think more on it.  

Don't think you understand the work at that time, because Wei Guangqing began to say that, "It is also a new media. Do you remember that the TV-screen often has the stripes of this color?"

The bar code illuminates a time that is moving forward, and the marketing is becoming more advanced and a normal part of society, while media is the platform for communication. What is Wei Guangqing trying to express here? Look at the Polo car, the logo "Chinese Road, Public Heart" is printed on the front.  Wei Guangqing uses the ad slogan to advocate for people pull together. He tells a reporter, "The opening ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games is quite of imagination. It brings to mind the 2008 Beijing Olympic, which should embody its own characters. The sentence is expressing my desire."

Wei Guangqing drew a transparent heart on the "slogan", writing the archaism, "learn the power of the horse by long distance." He used it to juxtaposing the pictures of modern life and the archaic style of Pop art, to make a fantastic fatalism-relation.  No exceptions this time.

Wei Guangqing's creation takes 3 days to make. His work is made as fine as the standard. Wei Guangqing keeps improving, because he is persistent in his preciseness, and his purpose to show the status of commercial society.

Selected from "Beijing Youth", August 16, 2004, p16
Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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