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Ideal and Practice


Red Wall, a symbolic work of pop art, made in the form of traditional woodcarving-illustration prints, with same strong color and size, changed the quality of the pop language—dissolving its meaning.  It offers us a valuable example of research about the aberrance from the western contemporary art language.

Lv Peng

Among Hubei's Pop arts, Wei Guangqing's Red Wall is a successful creation.  He adopts the model of Chinese traditional woodcarving-illustration and stories, through the process of Pop, to imply the various meanings of contemporary private and secular life.  The author doesn't directly portray a scene from life, but he conveys his intention through the celluloid.

Yang Xiaoyan

Wei Guangqing picks up popular image forgotten in history to construct a new Pop art, which includes the contradictions of tradition and modernity in form of cartoons and comic strips.  Its color has strong features of the Chinese civil and royal paintings.  It is an outstanding piece of historical-ethical Pop art with strong regional significance.

Yan Shanchun

The author uses pop and symbolic art forms to compose the ethical images from traditional elementary education with the tactics of contemporary art.  Although one can see influences from American Pop Art, the whole impact is still with the features of traditional Chinese culture and contemporary culture.

Shao Hong

The artists choose two kinds of symbols—traditional Chinese ethical images and modern foreign industry products—to compose a humorous depiction of reality, deconstructing, and ridiculing the essence of current culture.

Yi Dan

The work adopts a plain and symbolic composition, using the tension among traditional themes, colors, illustration, woodcarving, and roll film, to express the author's understanding of the contradictions between traditional ethics and modern culture, showing the Chinese painter has matured and gains the ability to handle the international art language of pop art.

Huang Zhuan

Red Wall finds an expressive form between Chinese traditional Line Drawing and Pop Art.  Through form and content, an intelligent unity is integrated into Red Wall.  The traditional values remain in modern society.  The work hints at viewers to think through these delicate ideas.

Zhu Bin

Selected from "China. Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China, the first 1990s Art Biennial, Oil Painting Section-Ideal and Practice", August 1992.

A red wall and traditional old tutor footage, the artist uses the brush and color with expressive rich textures and the contours of overlapping lines.  History and reality are mutually reflected and obviously used old age as a metaphor for today.

Leng Lin

Selected from "Reality: Today and Tomorrow", December, 1996
Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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