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Learn the Power of the Horse by Distance

Wei Guangqing and his Public Heart Author: Pi Li Aug,2004

Pop Art is specially used to define art that is made by spray printing and silk-screen printing, but not hand-painting techniques. It chooses images from the public and commercial advertisement realm. This style has art images familiar to the public as well as expresses the artist's opinion of commercial culture. In the 1990s, China experienced many transformations from the planned economy to the market economy. The Chinese Pop artists rose from a reality that is full of paradox and contradictions. As same as Wang Guangyi, Wei Guangqing is a representative of Chinese Pop artists. The feature of Wei Guangqing's work is to mix the print-image with Chinese ancient books, using the illustrations of "Zhu Zi Jia Xun" and "San Zi Jing" to compose the conflict between the traditional ethics and the modern commercial culture.

Public Heart is a spray-painted seven colors of Polo on the body of a white Polo, and left the original advertisements of "Volkswagenwerk" (VW). Printed on the face of the car is an old saying, "Learn the power of the horse by distance." The most exciting part is the head of the car, where it quoted a VW advertisement directly, "Chinese Road, Public Heart", where the work got its name. The vivid body has special visual effects, which is quite attractive, and the slogan of "public heart" has a special meaning during the turning point from 2004 to 2008.

Selected from "Beijing Youth News", August 16, 2004, Page16
Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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