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Media Material and Texture Construction

Author: Wei Guangqing Jan,1991

What to choose for the painting's medium and occasionally use the textured effects to compose a new picture are very important.  The earlier art forms had limited materials.  We pushed our skills to the limit to express a story or a scene.  When the skill fulfills the goal, it will test a new one.  By now, it has been hard for us to exceed the outstanding, consummated, and exquisite art skills of the ancients.  In a sense, the contemporary artists no longer concerned themselves with the pursuit of such skills.

Contemporary art has preceded the limits of its formers. It reflects the open quality of art, not limited by material.  It offers more possibilities for contemporary artists to choose.  The effects not only offer the artists new experiences, but also bring new aesthetic interests to the subject of art.

The free choice of material and the free handle of the occasional effects allow us to transcend the former limitations and the function of art.  They also permit us easily escape from the former painting type and touch on the cultural issues and the hot issues which interest people.

Art not only needs to explore new construction through the serious reflection of its own development, but it also needs to reflect the current cultural issues that rouse the attention of people to be recognized by history through the correspondence to contemporary culture.

I hope to think the breakthrough in such a quibble of art will help find a better construction and realize the value of contemporary art.

Selected from Art Wide-Angle, 2nd volume, 1991
Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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