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Read Wei Guangqing's Painting

Author: Xu Yongmin May,2005

China, in the association with the imaginary cultural values, is about numberless books, mottos, home education, and enlightenment illustrations.

China, in the evaluation of its cultural values, even for those of us born and bread here, we can only say: "She is a storehouse and an enigma." For example, when the ancestors showed their tenacious wills, at times, is mixed with a self-comfort laxity.  When you know the background, you will find it's reasonable. The ancestors would reveal their resourcefulness and banter of their peasant experience, in their brave schemes, those who use them well would be invincible.

China, her books look dusty, but if we accidentally drop them, they will reveal lots of flashy words that force us to bend down and read.  When we read these words, people will be with a grateful heart and be awestruck.

China, her books demonstrate our lives by influencing our words and thinking. They make us sigh: Compared with that of the ancestors, the growth of our intelligence isn't proportional to the change of the times.

Guangqing's painting uses a pure visual language, transcribes the ancient books onto the oil canvas determined to aggravate, expand, and broaden the ideas to the physical surface.

Guangqing's painting opens the space of the collective memory in the visual reading style, and produces the recognized Made in China that is culturally significant.

From "Made in China – Wei Guangqing's Paintings" Exhibition-Foreword, May 2005
Edited by Lin Sophia Ma, September 2007

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