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Jiang Peng Yi's note

Author: Jiang Peng Yi Translator: Mimi Bell 2016

“ Waterfalls, she seems to be the symbol of loneliness of God, however I think that her outpour is much richer than loneliness. By simply saying everything that is on her mind, she does not take on the meaning. ”

“ I am standing opposite to this waterfall, it is raining a little, in addition there is the appropriate hazy horizon, I have a kind of desperation, because of the passing of time. ”

“ The waterfall falls endlessly and fearlessly, in this way it possesses strength, it allows me to take pity on it, it also makes me feel restless. ”

“ The waterfall which I catch sight of, is simply a moment in time which passes by in an instant, previously I was unaware of from where it came, afterwards it was wordless and uncommunicative. ”

“ Facing a rumbling waterfall, there are all kinds of tranquility, it is the tranquility that flows unceasingly. ”

“ One turbulent white tongue. ”

“ This is the uninhabited region, silent and noiseless, time freezes - or perhaps nothing ever exists in this origin. ”

“ Grace, mercy, God distributes his love to people. ”

“ I think of only being in connection with the picture itself, I am not going to talk of its significance, I am not going to attempt to tell other people what to do. It is a direct response to the observation of confronting a change in a flash in myself, it is to take an opportunity and develop, it is to change according to the situation and be pragmatic. ”

“ In Jan.2015, I started my experiment on instant films, originally I had absolutely no idea what I could do, what kind of effect I want, nowadays, I am already exhausted. ”

“ To make one line become very thin, very straight, very small, I think it starts to resemble myself. ”

The writing has been taken from Jiang Peng yi's own notebooks and diaries.

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